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GB-1351470-A: Sparking plug cover patent, GB-1352218-A: Thermally resistant mineral fibre boards patent, GB-1352627-A: Manufacture of tiles patent, GB-1353143-A: Electroluminescent devices patent, GB-1353459-A: Necked-in container patent, GB-1354450-A: Rotary work holding apparatus patent, GB-1355658-A: Power assisted vehicle steering patent, GB-1356765-A: Method and apparatus for producing radially-expanded socket ends on thermoplastic pipe lengths patent, GB-1357138-A: Surface tension method of and apparatus for separating immiscible liquids patent, GB-1357421-A: Mobile bucket-excavator patent, GB-1357544-A: Valve bags patent, GB-1357730-A: Shower roses patent, GB-1359056-A: Sealer bar device patent, GB-135922-A: A New or Improved Method of and Apparatus for the Control of Electric Supply Plant. patent, GB-1359361-A: Method and device for polymerisation patent, GB-1359836-A: Method of manufacturing a coated wire and apparatus relevant thereto patent, GB-1360144-A: Integrity monitor for instrument landing system receiver with automatic change of monitor threshold sensitivity patent, GB-1360155-A: Proportional fo'ce amplifier patent, GB-1360379-A: Fluid pressure and temperature responsive relief valve patent, GB-1361098-A: Control circuits for thyristors patent, GB-1361318-A: Rotary duplicator patent, GB-1362509-A: Apparatus for transporting flowable particulate material patent, GB-1362715-A: Spin-on type filters patent, GB-1363657-A: Impact line printer patent, GB-1364436-A: Theft detection system patent, GB-1365167-A: Electrolysis cells patent, GB-1365428-A: Date and day correcting mechanism in calendar wrist watch patent, GB-1365506-A: Preparation of acrylonitrile copolymers patent, GB-1365797-A: Coke ovens patent, GB-1366231-A: Method of maufacturing a four zone semiconductor device patent, GB-1366332-A: Machine for winding endless filaments patent, GB-1366395-A: Coke patent, GB-1366561-A: Articulated coil spring connector patent, GB-1367068-A: Articulated vehicle system patent, GB-1367179-A: Central heating patent, GB-1368091-A: Anchorage sleeve patent, GB-1368229-A: Dried pulverulent products patent, GB-1369055-A: Catalyst for use in the oxidation of carbon monixide and hydrocarbons in exhaust gas resulting from the combustion of hydrocarbon- containing fuel patent, GB-1369062-A: Fault location system for use in the location of faults in both a pcm link between two terminal stations patent, GB-1369162-A: Radio reciever patent, GB-1369932-A: Oscillating-vane compressors having cooled rotors patent, GB-1370431-A: Apparatus for a quantitative structural analysis of substances patent, GB-1370875-A: Stripping solution patent, GB-1372296-A: Cyclic silicon compounds patent, GB-1372403-A: Opticaldetectors for inspecting the mechanical condition of samples patent, GB-1372626-A: Piston and cylinder unit patent, GB-1372658-A: Vacuum cleaner having a signal device for indicating absence of a dust bag patent, GB-1372931-A: Tape cassette patent, GB-1373418-A: Adhesive tape dispensers patent, GB-1374305-A: Optical viewing system for work chambers patent, GB-1374663-A: Terpolymers patent, GB-1375274-A: patent, GB-1375966-A: Attachment for installing an electrical module patent, GB-1376479-A: Cobalt-base alloy patent, GB-1376821-A: Advertising devices patent, GB-1376853-A: Sheet delivery mechanism patent, GB-1376905-A: Mixing chamber patent, GB-1377788-A: Arrangement for retaining a ceramic turbine blade in a slotted steel rotor or blade seating ring patent, GB-1379086-A: Battery fixing means for motor vehicles patent, GB-1379314-A: Method of drying foodstuffs patent, GB-1379359-A: Cutting apparatus patent, GB-1379810-A: Vehicle jack patent, GB-1379897-A: Security device for casement stays patent, GB-1380153-A: Inflatable member particularly for use as a dunnage device patent, GB-1380878-A: Loom reed motion patent, GB-1381122-A: Machines for filling containers patent, GB-1381145-A: Method of perfluorinating perchloro compounds patent, GB-1381411-A: Flase-twist crimper for texturing synthetic fibres patent, GB-1381627-A: Replaceable hinge type work-finishing units or packs for cylindrical hub structures patent, GB-1382198-A: Air duct grills patent, GB-138264-A: Improvements in detachable load-carrying platforms for vehicles patent, GB-1383175-A: Print pastes patent, GB-1384759-A: Tensile testing machine patent, GB-1385019-A: Ejector for a bolt press patent, GB-1385055-A: Acoustic surface wave devices patent, GB-1385249-A: Mattress support frame with transverse slats patent, GB-1385332-A: Rotary feeder patent, GB-1385541-A: Chemical analysis apparatus and method patent, GB-1386859-A: Rescinnamine-like compounds and a process for producing the same patent, GB-1386864-A: Micro-crystalline collage-containing pharmaceutical compositions useful for topical applications patent, GB-1388597-A: Read write structure for programme cards patent, GB-138860-A: Improvements in releasing and loss preventing means for ship launching cradle-packings patent, GB-1388766-A: Arrangement of two fluid pressure operable clutches patent, GB-139029-A: Improvements in and relating to the indicating and reading mechanism of liquid levelbarometers patent, GB-1390564-A: Vibratory feeder having a pile conveying surface patent, GB-1390962-A: Shrink-ring commutators for electrical machines patent, GB-1391634-A: Plaenary transmission mechanism and hydraulic control patent, GB-1391778-A: Anchoring and tensioning assembly for post-stressing of cable-reinforced concrete structures patent, GB-1393189-A: Flavouring and aromatizing process patent, GB-1393554-A: Coke ovens patent, GB-139365-A: Improvements in or relating to cream separators patent, GB-1393686-A: Tap changing arrangements for amins transformers patent, GB-1393753-A: Process for producing microcapsules patent, GB-1393796-A: Shutoff device for a record changer patent, GB-1394337-A: Work holding device for holding miniature cylindrical parts patent, GB-1394940-A: Herbicidal compositions patent, GB-1396145-A: Pulverised fuel delivery method and system for a blast furnace patent, GB-139693-A: Improvements in or relating to cylinders for rotary printing machines patent, GB-1397053-A: Room temperature vulcanizable organosilicone compositions patent, GB-139714-A: Improvements in or relating to ball and float valves for automatic feed water cisterns for domestic and other purposes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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